Our competence in the pragmatic application of processes, methods and tools help you manage the complexity of systems over their lifecycles.

Using information as an asset

Information Architecture

Enterprises that create complex systems require a substantial amount of data and a method of communicating between stakeholders.

Either as a user, acquirer or supplier of complex systems you need the capability to use, re-use or deliver information between relevent stakeholders. This in turn requires a common language and architecture for information to be created.

Our experts in I&DM can support the creation of information models, information exchange mechanisms, architectures and models. The use of international and open standards such as ISO10303 PLCS and our expertise in its implemenntation is key to our support at either enterprise, project or system levels. This in turn can support change programmes for an enterprise through providing a common and coherent information architecture, help project suceed by smoothing information and data flows and supports the definition of systems through utilising a common language and architectural informatio framework. Enterprises benefit from their ability to create and then re use information and data for multiple projects and instances saving both time and money. this also supports the establsihment with the right acquirer and supplier relationship.

Our services in this area:

References in Information Architecture

Requirements for Acquisition

Our customer is responsible for specifying requirements and for acquisition of defense material. When the customer was assigned to acquire fighting vehicles they turned to Syntell to ensure that the requirements were structured in a… Read more

References in Information Architecture

Configuration Management in an upgrade project

Our customer designs, builds, and delivers naval applications for their customers. In this project five ships were to be upgraded. The ships include a multitude of complex and integrated technical systems (robots, anti-aircraft systems, mines,… Read more

References in Information Architecture

Implementation of Product Lifecycle Management

Our customer develops, constructs, and delivers applications for their customers. The customer was assigned to replace their old product data system to create a common PLM envirionment for all sites within the company. The IT… Read more

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