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International Shipyard

Configuration Management in an upgrade project

Our customer designs, builds, and delivers naval applications for their customers. In this project five ships were to be upgraded. The ships include a multitude of complex and integrated technical systems (robots, anti-aircraft systems, mines, torpedoes, sonar systems, and radar systems) that were developed by different international suppliers. When the ships were first ordered, they were constructed to be similar, but during a five-year-period the requirements of the customer changed. The technical documentation was ordered based on the first ship, but did not work well for the additional four. The ships needed to be upgraded for national and international assignments. Our customer turned to Syntell to introduce a common Configuration Management (CM) process in the project.

What did Syntell do?

Syntell organized and introduced Configuration Management in the project. The process included the Configuration Management process, Information Management, Regulations, Organization and IT-support. Initially, Syntell’s consultants took operative responsibility for the Configuration Management while simultaneously developing the capability in the customer organization.

When the ships were to be transferred, it was important that all involved parties were informed about how the different models were actually constructed. Therefore electronic deliverables of the individual baseline of each ship was created and Syntell tailored the CM process for the technical documentation and spare parts.

What added value did Syntell deliver?

Our customer obtained better control of the deliverables of each ship which led to a reduced number of delivery complaints. The more formalized process for changes also provided a better description of what was included in, and excluded from, the contract. The positive experiences from application of CM in the different projects led to the development of a company-wide CM process. After realizing the benefits of integrated Information Management that supports the product over the full lifecycle, the customer initiated a Product Lifecycle Management project and assigned Syntell as supplier.

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