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With support from our professional consultants, we can provide long term support in your most critical projects. Our consultants will take a role in the project and deliver, along with the rest of the team, the necessary results for you to succeed.

Control configurations and changes

Configuration Management

In complex projects changes are inevitable. Changes are part of the process of developing a successful system and are therefore impossible to avoid. To introduce changes without control often means large cost and delays. With the support of one of our Configuration Managers you can ensure effective Change Management in your project.

What is Configuration Management (CM)?

Our Configuration Managers participate in your project team and create, based on your specific situation, a suitable CM process. Among other things, the CM process includes routines for identifying objects that need to be subject to control (Configuration Items) and how reporting and decisions are managed regarding changes in the valid configuration. The CM process is documented in a CM plan which becomes part of your project plan. Our Configuration Managers thereafter serves the project in accordance with the plan.

Why do you need Configuration Management?
  • To be able to assume the lifecycle responsibility for all delivered systems
  • To ensure that the correct information is used at all times
  • To be able to handle different versions/variants of the same system
  • To enable analysis of the consequences of errors in components/sub-systems
  • To be able to perform system analyses and implementation analyses

Our competences in this area:

References in Configuration Management

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Control configurations and changes

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