Our competence in the pragmatic application of processes, methods and tools help you manage the complexity of systems over their lifecycles.

Plan for the entire lifecycle!

Systems Engineering

Our Systems Engineering approach is interdisciplinary and iterative in nature and focuses on the optimal creation of the whole system in the context of its life cycle and its intended operational Environment.

Our expertise spans traditional systems engineering techniques to those of model based systems engineering. As a basis for our apporach we use extensive experiences in international standards such as ISO/IEC 15288 System Life Cycle Processes, Military/Defence standards and professional bodies such as INCOSE (International Council of Systems Engineering).

We focus on creating and managing the right stakeholder requirements, the engineering model to be used, the agreement and review processes all in the context of the whole system lifecycle (design and development, production , verification/validation and support).

Our services in this area:

References in Systems Engineering

Competence development program

Our customer wanted to strengthen the internal competence within Systems Engineering (SE) through a competence development program for their engineers. They were certain that stronger competence in SE would improve their competitiveness in the global… Read more

References in Systems Engineering

Project Revision

Our customer is a Nordic pharmaceutical company who has produced their drug for 90 years and who also produces injection tools. From being international market leaders they started to see their competitors develop more and… Read more

References in Systems Engineering

Requirements for Acquisition

Our customer is responsible for specifying requirements and for acquisition of defense material. When the customer was assigned to acquire fighting vehicles they turned to Syntell to ensure that the requirements were structured in a… Read more

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