Courses for enterprise

Courses for enterprise

Our open courses have a duration of two days and contains a standardized format that features a mixture of both theoretical modules and practical exercises. We make sure that you as the student is capable of getting as much knowledge as possible to bring with you when you leave. Our exercises are designed to fit the widest audience possible. Because of that, many of our customers order company adaptations of our open courses to have it tailor made to the correct context and audience. In that scenario, we can add a full day of theory and exercises based upon a company’s own material (see image).


The teachers at Syntell and the company in question will in conjunction go through the course structure and the specific objectives of the course. In addition, there is a reconciliation between Syntell and its teachers to ensure that message and language match. You will also get two exercises that are based around the company’s own “best practice”. These exercises are developed by the company in question with the support of the teacher at Syntell. Our courses are modular and well-defined.

They have specified objectives for each block of theory to facilitate the adaptation. Our experience helps us develop and deliver these types of courses and that is why we offer all our customized three-day training courses for a fixed price.

Contact us at Syntell on or telephone 08-660 02 80 to find out more.


Our courses are highly rated by our participants.

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