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Integrated Logistics Support

Creating sustainable systems at an optimal LCC.

Designing complex and costly systems requires competence built from knowledge and experience. Sustainability and cost effectiveness are critical characteristics that have to be managed from a through life perspective.

ILS is a comprehensive discipline that is applicable to all acquisition activity. However, its cost-effective application requires those involved to balance benefit with cost to achieve the desired results.  By analysing the equipment support requirements in a structured manner it is possible to identify and then reduce major cost drivers for In-Service support.  Using ILS will improve supportability, reduce WLC and improve availability.  In simple terms, it is designed to provide better and cheaper support to the equipment user, throughout the lifecycle of an equipment.

ILS is a disciplined approach to managing WLC that affects both customers and suppliers. Its aim is to optimise WLC by minimising the support system required for a given system/equipment.  This is primarily achieved through influencing its design for supportability and determining the support requirements. The end result is supportable and supported equipment at optimum cost.

The major goals of ILS are to:

  • Influence the design early enough to be effective, in terms of WLC.
  • Identify and develop the support resource requirements.
  • Acquire appropriate support resources.
  • Provide the required In-Service support at the optimum WLC.

Our expertise covers all aspects of ILS and can be delivered as consulting or training.

Our services in this area:

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