Syntell is a highly appreciated and trusted partner. Our customers are primarily in aerospace & defense, energy, transportation, public authorities and other sectors that work with complex systems and operations over extensive lifecycles.

Nordic Acquisition Authority

Requirements for Acquisition

Our customer is responsible for specifying requirements and for acquisition of defense material. When the customer was assigned to acquire fighting vehicles they turned to Syntell to ensure that the requirements were structured in a reliable way. The acquisition included development and production of fighting vehicles as well as modification of existing vehicles. An acquisition of this magnitude requires a well-defined set of requirements that clarifies what the user wants as well as what the supplier shall achieve. It also requires an efficient and effective process for management of requirements and verification data.

What did Syntell do?

Syntell’s role was to help the customer develop, structure, and manage all information related to requirements, verification, and validation for the whole lifecycle of the system. Syntell works according to the proprietary requirements management model RQplus, which supports the project with understanding and describing complex requirements in order to achieve an optimized solution for all involved parties. RQplus includes a package of processes, methods, information structures, tool support, training, and support.

To deliver a complex system is not only about development – it includes integration of several complex and interacting functions. Initially it was ensured that the customer and supplier agreed on the needs of the end user and of the customer organization. Then the supplier defined their system requirements and preliminary design descriptions. Requirements that were difficult to define were clarified in a verifiable specification.

Projects that generate a great amount of data that shall be used over time are often helped by working in a common database, across organizations. This way of working allows effective and efficient work flows as long as processes are defined for how to manage and change data. Our consultants supported the project with Requirements Management and verification data management.

What added value did Syntell deliver?

Syntell has worked for a long time within industry and purchasing authorities; this experience was a key success factor in this project. Syntell improved the common process between customer and supplier. Thanks to this project, the customer could already early in the project start to apply the new way of working without having to be experts in Requirements Management. The quality of their data has therefore improved significantly. They can trace changes far back in time and the risk of missing something has been reduced. They can easily evaluate the selection of supplier and thereby motivate their decision. To reuse data is also a cost effective measure. Our customer has today a solid architecture for Requirements Management which will make similar assignments a lot easier in the future.

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