Our competence in the pragmatic application of processes, methods and tools help you manage the complexity of systems over their lifecycles.

Control through lifecycle

Configuration Management

Managing a system from development phase through to operation and disposal requires control of all elements of the system throughout its lifecycle. A coherent CM process is critical in managing systems throughout their intended life.

The demands on performance, specialisation and customisation of technical systems keep rising. This in turn places increasingly complex demands on the development, production and maintenance of system architecture from either the user, acquirer or supplier communities.

Our application of CM ensures that this fundemental and well recognised methodolgy can suport projects in the control of product information, management and approval of change and assurance that the integrity to the original design includes traceability of design modification and related design decisions.

Our services in this area:

References in Configuration Management

Competence development program

Our customer wanted to strengthen the internal competence within Systems Engineering (SE) through a competence development program for their engineers. They were certain that stronger competence in SE would improve their competitiveness in the global… Read more

References in Configuration Management

Project Revision

Our customer is a Nordic pharmaceutical company who has produced their drug for 90 years and who also produces injection tools. From being international market leaders they started to see their competitors develop more and… Read more

References in Configuration Management

Requirements for Acquisition

Our customer is responsible for specifying requirements and for acquisition of defense material. When the customer was assigned to acquire fighting vehicles they turned to Syntell to ensure that the requirements were structured in a… Read more

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