Systems Lifecycle Management

Whether you are in the medical field, energy, transportation, aerospace, defense, vehicle or public administration - you act in a complex system with several intertwined life cycles.

Systems Lifecycle Management (SLCM) is the underlying concept of our values, our focus of knowledge and value offer at Syntell.
Let’s take a closer look at the concept of Systems Lifecycle Management. SYSTEMS are a combination of co-operating elements organized to achieve one or more stated goals. Whether systems are technical or organizational – they are always designed by people – for people.

Every system has a LIFECYCLE. Systems start off as an idea which matures, develops, gets implemented and used then decommissioned and replaced by something else. This is true in terms of technical solutions as well as organizational systems. Systems and their lifecycles are not isolated entities. They are often intertwined with other systems, both cooperative and competitive ones in a dynamic and complex web.

Managing systems and lifecycles in specific contexts whilst keeping a balance between various needs and approaches without excessively using, sacrificing or cannibalizing on other systems and resources is not easy. To do it with higher demands for efficiency, results and innovation further increases difficulty. In order to manage the complexity, a visionary, efficient and healthy LEADERSHIP is needed whether you are managing a business, project or you.

This is SLCM to us at Syntell. Our company consists of highly experienced, skilled and tireless experts willing to help you with complex problems, questions or needs. Our wide spectrum of skills, tools and methods can aid you and your organization to manage the complexity in all stages of the system lifecycle of both organizational and technical systems. Our competences and services in SLCM are divided into four areas. Business development, Product & Project Management, Support Solution Development & Management and Systems Engineering. As illustrated in the image in the top right side of this page, this circle describes the system life cycle and a movement of constant change and learning. Read more about our services on this page to see what Syntell can offer your business, project and skills development within Systems Lifecycle Management (SLCM).

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