Syntell & Partners

For the last decade, we have built a network of qualified partners. A consortium of small and medium enterprises who are linked together by cooperation and where Syntell is typically the prime contractor.

The REUSE Company

The REUSE Company is an organization specialized in the application of Semantic Analysis Technologies to a wide range of industries (Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Naval, Health, Industrial machinery…). Our customers are usually (but not limited to) safety oriented organizations.

Our main focus is on System/Software Reuse, Traceability and Quality. The integration of tools and technology from The REUSE Company facilitates the representation, analysis and exploitation of knowledge allowing for a knowledge-centric systems engineering approach.

Our mission is to promote system/software and knowledge reuse within any organization, by offering processes, methods, tools and services that make it possible. We offer technology that is fully integrated within the organization’s production chain.

REUSE Company is represented in Scandinavia by Syntell AB since 2014.


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