Syntell is a highly appreciated and trusted partner. Our customers are primarily in aerospace & defense, energy, transportation, public authorities and other sectors that work with complex systems and operations over extensive lifecycles.

European Vehicle Manufacturer

Plan for Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)

Our customer delivers among other things total solutions for wheeled military vehicles. They received an extensive order from another nation to deliver a number of military trucks. The customer of Syntell’s customer is meticulous regarding the formalities of the acquisition plans and requires that the supplier documents every discipline. Our customer wanted to develop their processes and turned to Syntell for expert support.

What did Syntell do?

Our customer asked Syntell for a strategy that describes how they work with Integrated Logistics Support (ILS). ILS is a package of methods that are used when acquiring or developing technical systems. It ensures an optimal balance between high quality and low cost through the lifecycle of the product. In an early stage the future ability to support the system is discussed to reveal whether design changes are required. ILS data is information about components and systems, such as the time it takes to repair the product, mean time between failures, tools required for repairs et cetera. The strategy was supposed to meet the detailed requirements from the customer’s customer. At the same time they wanted a company group wide strategy to be able to respond more effectively to tender requests in the future and thereby reduce the workload in future projects. Internally, the strategy would work as a guideline for the respective disciplines. By working closely with the customer company and its subsidiaries, Syntell created a tailored strategy that suited the internal as well as the external needs.

What added value did Syntell deliver?

We at Syntell are known to combine expertise in engineering combined with theoretical knowledge in Systems Engineering and ILS. Our experience from international industry and authorities was a success factor in this project. Despite the limited time we managed to create a solid relationship with our customer as well as with the acquiring party and keep the deadline. Our contacts considered that the strategy well reflects their way-of-working and that it will be possible to reuse it going forward. Internally the strategy has contributed to a more structured and effective way-of-working.

Competences we used in this case:

Contact person

Syntell created a customized strategy that corresponded to both the external and internal needs.

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