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Ensure the right focus with efficient Requirements Management

Requirements Management

If you lack control of your requirements, you will find it difficult to finish your project. A common target is the foundation for successful projects and with effective and efficient Requirements Management that target can be identified, communicated and agreed upon before the system is developed. Before delivery, the requirements constitute the basis for verification and validation of the system. Our Requirements Managers support the project management by ensuring quality and traceability of the requirements.

What is Requirements Management?

Our Requirements Managers take an active role in your project team and support the project management in creating an effective and integrated Requirements Management process. Based on the specific needs of your project, the methodology and information model is tailored in order to capture all requirement, to ensure traceability, quality and integrity of the requirements over time. The Requirements Manager normally supports the Systems Engineering Manager with facilitation of requirements workshops and reviews as a preparation for important project milestones. The work processes are documented in a Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP) which becomes part of your project plan. Our experienced Requirements Managers are also available for support in the daily project work.

Why do you need Requirements Management?
  • To ensure that the project and the recipient shares a common understanding of what shall be delivered
  • To be able to measure and understand the progress of the project in relation to the goal
  • To be able to identify and allocate requirements on subsystem for further development
  • To be able to execute a relevant verification and validation of the end result and to ensure acceptance of the recipient

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Ensure the right focus with efficient Requirements Management

Requirements Management

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