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Supportability Analysis

Supportability Analysis is a method that delivers a basis for decision making regarding measures that reduce maintenance cost and increase availability by optimizing the support system or influencing system or equipment design. The methods used can clarify the predicted availability of a technical system and reduce cost driving factors, by keeping track of design changes and by defining requirements on the support system. Even if the analysis is often used in the early development phases, it can also be useful for operational systems, for instance if the maintenance is considered time consuming or if the system no longer complies with the availability requirements.

What is Supportability Analysis?

When we perform analysis of your system, the design, the planned lifecycle, the operational profile, and maintenance concept are key factors for defining the requirements on the support system. The analysis defines the requirements for system support and provides a clear basis for decision making where cost driving factors and factors that affect availability are clarified during the system lifecycle. The analysis is performed according to tailored standards and best practices. Regardless of whether you are in an early development phase, the system is already operational, or whether you simply want to compare different solutions before an acquisition, the Supportability Analysis is a powerful tool that can help ensure a system’s availability, reduce support related costs, and in the end ensure competitiveness.

Why do you need Supportability Analysis?
  • To optimize the System Support
  • To identify and reduce cost driving elements by influencing design
  • To identify and reduce parameters that affect availability
  • To increase understanding of the maintenance costs
  • To increase competitiveness
  • To increase the availability

Our competences in this area:

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References in Supportability Analysis

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Increase the avaliability

Supportability Analysis

Reduce maintenance related costs and increase the system´s availability.

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