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With our competence in Systems Lifecycle Management, we can provide products and services that optimize your system from a market and lifecycle perspective.


Model-Based Systems Engineering

Our architecture analysis is based on documentation of the system in models (Model-Based Systems Engineering, MBSE). From these models, all sorts of types of documents are created – documentation is model centric and not document centric.

When we document your systems in model-based form, you will aquire a description of the systems that clarify how detailed systems and components, structurally and behaviorally, relate to each other and its operational environment. You get a clear visual traceability between stakeholder requirements, system functionality, system testing and implementation. We have the ability to additionally perform simulations on the described system to further ensure the quality of your implementation. We perform analyzes of requirements and functionality based on the description of the systems as models, which displays the gaps and conflicts between requirements, functionality, testing and realization.

Why Model-Based Systems Engineering?

It is difficult to appreciate the completeness, consistency and relationships between requirements, design, analysis and testing when the information is often spread across numerous different types of documents. It is hard to track what consequences a change in the requirements mass has on, for example, design. As a result, it becomes difficult to reuse the data. These restrictions can cause deficiencies in quality that often becomes apparent in the integration and testing phase or when the system is delivered to the customer.

Our Architecture Analysis improves:

  • Documentation of specifications
  • Design Quality
  • Consistency
  • Allows reuse and communication in the development team.
  • This leads to improvements in productivity and the reducing of risk in the system development.

Our competences in this area:

References in Model-Based Systems Engineering

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Model-Based Systems Engineering

Our architecture analysis is based on documentation of system models (Model-Based Systems Engineering, MBSE). From…

Increase the avaliability

Supportability Analysis

Reduce maintenance related costs and increase the system´s availability.

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