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With our competence in Systems Lifecycle Management, we can provide products and services that optimize your system from a market and lifecycle perspective.

Understand the total cost of your system

Lifecycle cost analysis (LCC)

In procuring as well as developing organizations, understanding for the costs a system will generate over its lifetime is central. With our profound knowledge about system lifecycle management we can identify and quantify the total costs and provide a basis for an optimization of your solution.

What is Lifecycle Cost Analysis?

When we perform a Lifecycle Cost Analysis of your system, we start by analyzing the planned lifecycle and the operational concepts you foresee regarding the usage and support of the system. Through such an analysis we can identify and quantify the correct cost over time. We deliver our analysis and a cost model, which is a powerful tool to use for bid preparation, modifications/upgrades, and for benchmarking.

Why do you need a Lifecycle Cost Analysis?
  • To optimize design of a new system by increasing understanding about cost driving factors
  • To understand the need and focus on the right thing when modifying/upgrading an existing system
  • To be able to plan and budget for a system over its lifetime
  • To be able to compare different alternatives when acquiring/procuring a system or a service

Our competences in this area:

References in Lifecycle cost analysis (LCC)

Maintenance Analyses for the Armed Forces

Our client equips the Armed Forces with defense material and related services. The Armed Forces had procured an advanced radar system for use in international missions. After a period the Armed Forces turned to our… Read more

References in Lifecycle cost analysis (LCC)

Cost Models for Traffic Production

Trafikförvaltningen (TF) is responsible for the pre-studies, acquisition and operational follow up of all public transportation systems within the boundaries of Stockholm County. Political decisions in the early nineties moved the responsibility for operations of… Read more


Model-Based Systems Engineering

Our architecture analysis is based on documentation of system models (Model-Based Systems Engineering, MBSE). From…

Understand the total cost of your system

Lifecycle cost analysis (LCC)

We identify the total costs and create a basis for optimization.

Increase the avaliability

Supportability Analysis

Reduce maintenance related costs and increase the system´s availability.

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