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Managing your product data integrated

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

To handle product information for complex systems for decades, regarding development, service & maintenance, and decommissioning, is a great challenge. Many organizations create and use product information in different IT systems that do not exchange information easily. The result is that isolated information islands are created that deviate more and more from each other. The purpose with Syntell’s PLM offering is to make the product information correct, up-to-date, and available for all stakeholders in the product lifecycle.

What is Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)?

In a PLM project we start by investigating who needs what information. We do this by investigating the terminology of the organization. The same artifact is often referred to by different terminology depending on organization, discipline and IT system. Then we analyze the processes that create and use the information. To create an effective and efficient information flow, we clarify what existing and planned IT support systems are used in different parts of the organization. Finally, we specify interfaces, list necessary measures, and define integration needs of the IT systems.

Why do you need Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)?
  • To ensure that the people who will work with the product have access to the product information required during the product lifecycle.
  • To provide flexibility for the business by being independent of a specific tool and to enable sharing of information in a standardized way between different organizations.
  • To ensure that information is interpreted the same way regardless of who created it
  • To enable efficient information reuse.
  • To be able to update information in all places where it is used in an efficient and controlled manner.
  • To allow each organization to use the IT tools that works best over time.
  • To optimize the processes by a more effective use of IT systems.
  • To facilitate IT system changes without losing information.
  • To easily integrate information of different types, that normally is present in different systems (real-time interconnectedness).
  • To enable control of the integrations that connect information from internal and external IT systems.

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Managing your product data integrated

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

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