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With our unique expertise we develop your organisational capability in Systems Lifecycle Management, building business benefits through applied processes, methods and tools.

Develop your biggest asset

Competence Development

We believe that your staff is your biggest asset and that it has to be continuously educated to meet the challenges of the future. Carefully prepared and long-term competence development is the basis for successful deliveries, but it is also critical for creating an attractive work place. Syntell develops and delivers tailor-made competence development packages for your staff.

What is a Competence Development Program?

The starting point in the development of a Competence Development Program is always the needs of your organization. The needs are captured in the initial needs analysis phase and thereafter form the basis for the following process. Syntell creates our Programs based on our vast experience from having delivered open courses and programs, as well as programs in cooperation with leading academic institutions. Our goal is to be able to contribute with high quality competence development for professionals.

Why do you need a Competence Development Program?
  • To educate your staff in an effective manner
  • To create a common understanding and knowledge about your core competences
  • To build effective teams within specific competence areas

Our competences in this area:

References in Competence Development

Competence development program

Our customer wanted to strengthen the internal competence within Systems Engineering (SE) through a competence development program for their engineers. They were certain that stronger competence in SE would improve their competitiveness in the global… Read more

Competence Development based on the needs of your company

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Develop your biggest asset

Competence Development

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