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With our unique expertise we develop your organisational capability in Systems Lifecycle Management, building business benefits through applied processes, methods and tools.

Develop an effective way of working

Capability and Process Development

When you have created a clear picture of what organizational capability you need to meet the future and to succeed with your business, a time of change will follow. To develop and implement a new way-of-working requires knowledge and experience of the specific field, but it also requires profound understanding of the soft values of change management.

What is Capability and Process Development?

Syntell’s experts are either acting as Change Managers or working in close contact with the existing Change Manager as expert advisors. Regardless of model, Syntell participate in the implementation of the new or updated capability in the organization and verifies that the desired outcome is achieved. We use Syntell’s proprietary Capability Model to ensure that all aspects that are required for developing a long-term capability are properly managed.

Our collective competence provides the foundation for this service that can include all competence areas from particular disciplines to the complete Systems Lifecycle Management capability.

Why do you need Capability and Process Development?
  • To ensure that the capability of the organization is proper for the kind of activity it shall perform
  • To enable continuous improvements and cost reductions
  • To become more competitive on the market by increasing efficiency and quality
  • To find a new and common way-of-working after an organizational change

Our competences in this area:

References in Capability and Process Development

Competence development program

Our customer wanted to strengthen the internal competence within Systems Engineering (SE) through a competence development program for their engineers. They were certain that stronger competence in SE would improve their competitiveness in the global… Read more

References in Capability and Process Development

Project Revision

Our customer is a Nordic pharmaceutical company who has produced their drug for 90 years and who also produces injection tools. From being international market leaders they started to see their competitors develop more and… Read more

References in Capability and Process Development

Configuration Management in an upgrade project

Our customer designs, builds, and delivers naval applications for their customers. In this project five ships were to be upgraded. The ships include a multitude of complex and integrated technical systems (robots, anti-aircraft systems, mines,… Read more

Competence Development based on the needs of your company

Customized Training

Do you need help to customize training based on the needs of your company?

Focus on your core business

RQplus Outsourcing

Focus on your core business instead of developing your own requirements management capability.

Get your project back on track

Project revision

A structured and objective review of the project´s ability to deliver from its entirety and…

Develop your biggest asset

Competence Development

We support you in tailoring competence development for your staff.

Develop an effective way of working

Capability and Process Development

We support you in developing your organizational capability to face the future.

Create strong B2B relationships

Procurement and Acquisition support

Knowledge about the entire chain of value creates opportunities to adapt project processes for current…

Understand challenges and opportunities

Business Analysis

A structured and objective analysis of your organizational ability.

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