Our services

Our competence and the tailored application of selected processes, methods and tools support organisations in managing the complexity of systems through all phases of the lifecycle.

Our services

For the organisation

The application of systems lifecycle management principles helps us support organisational development by connecting business goals to their implementation.

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Our services

For the project

In order for projects to succeed organisations require competence. Our resources have the neccessary combination of experience, knowledge and skills that can be applied to ensure succesful project outcomes, at any stage of its lifecycle.

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Our services

For the product

Through our competence in Systems Lifecycle Management and the application of a set of tailored process, methods, and tools Syntell provide products and services that optimize your system or product from a market and lifecycle perspective. This way, we can create the conditions for you to be competitive in the market while maintaining profitability.

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Syntell creates value for the customer.

We make sure that all pieces fall into place

Deficiencies at an early stage can have dire consequences later. Like dominoes, it is crucial for every piece to fall into place when it counts.

Syntell makes sure your dominoes will;

Help you with all aspects in considering development, acquisition and bid management, delivery and lifecycle management of complex technical systems.


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