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20 april

Systems Engineering & Lifecycle Management






20 april

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Do you want to learn more about the development and life cycle management of products and systems?

In the course Systems Engineering & Lifecycle Management, which we arrange in cooperation with Edlegio, we go through the basic concepts, processes and methods in the field of Systems Engineering.

The course consists of one part with theory focus which can be run remotely and a one-day workshop, with the possibility to attend online. As a participant you can choose to buy the theory part or theory part + workshop.

About the course

The course Systems Engineering & Lifecycle Management gives you an overview of the basic concepts, process, and methods in Systems Engineering. You will receive a description of the various activities used to translate a need into requirements and into architectural descriptions as a basis for implementation. Then we go through how the system elements are integrated, verified and validated, with emphasis on how we throughout the development work ensure that we develop the right system.

From the course content

  • Why is Systems Engineering needed?
  • What is Systems Engineering?
  • Systems, life cycles and development models
  • Stakeholders and their needs
  • Requirements elicitation and requirements development
  • Concept selection
  • System architecture and interface
  • Integration, Verification and Validation
  • How do we ensure that we get the “right” system?

NOTE: Registration takes place on an external website. Click here!

Read more and register on the course pages above or on the cohesive certification page Certified Systems Lifecycle Manager.

You have the choice to participate in the classroom or remotely online in all courses!

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Certified Systems Lifecycle Manager

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