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19-24 August 2018

Summer School 2018 on Logistics Engineering and Management




Utö, Stockholm Archipelago


19-24 August 2018

Early bird

1 June 2018 - 10% discount on the course fee

Last registration

2 July 2018


SEK 31 995 plus accomodation SEK 11 500

To register for this course – e-mail us at or use the registration form below:


About the course

The Summer School on Logistics Engineering and Management provides insight into the through life management of systems from inception to retirement. It covers Logistics Engineering methods and tools and how supportability is addressed, analyzed and measured as a part of the Systems Engineering process. The management methodology covers aspects such as managing, contracting, planning and methods.

The course focuses on the objectives of Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and in particular the influence and optimization of system design from a support perspective. It also includes the relationships with other project disciplines and an insight into factors/issues that increasingly impact modern day procurements, such as the use of Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) technology, Obsolescence and Software Support.
International standards and initiatives such as UK Def Stan 00-60 and PLCS (Product Life Cycle Support) are discussed and evaluated. The relationship between acquirer and supplier is a central theme throughout the course. The course contains both theoretical and practical elements and ends with a simulated ILS Guidance Conference.

Target group

Anyone involved in acquisition projects and programmes,  both from a supply or customer perspective, who require an overview of  Support Solution Development in a Through Life context.  Particularly those involved in individual ILS/Support disciplines looking to take on a management role or requiring a better understanding of their role within the overall Through Life Support Solution Environment.

Previous knowledge

A basic understanding of the English Language and some knowledge of system design and support issues within your own organization.

The goal with the course

The aim of the course is to give a fundamental overview of logistics management and engineering in an acquisition management context with particular emphasis on the life-cycle /through life approach to Support Solution Development and implementation.

Course language


Time, place and registration

Time: August 19-24, 2018

Place: Utö, Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden

Price: SEK 31 995. Early bird discount, 10% of the course fee, for registrations made before June 1.

Last registration day: 2 july 2018

Manager Discount

New for this year is our Syntell manager discount- we provide an opportunity for managers to develop closer relationships to personnel and the ability to develop your business. If you enroll four people to our summer school programme then you can attend for free. You can read more about our manager discount in the brochure enclosed. In addition to attending the course you are invited into a special programme of feedback and dialogue with Syntell that will help you develop a sustainable organizational capability in Systems Engineering, Systems Architecting and ILS.

Registration – routines and conditions

Registration: Register by clicking on the link above. You will get an automatic generated e-mail with your confirmation. Syntell will invoice after receipt of registration, and all prices exclude VAT. In good time before the summer holidays you will receive a welcome letter with all information about time, course outline, what to bring etc.

Early bird: We encourage early booking! Register before “early bird”, and get a 10% early bird discount on the course fee!

Course feedback: In order to adjust the content and the assignments to the mixture and the previous knowledge of the group, you will get an e-mail with questions to fill in before course start. At the end of the course you will get a feedback form to fill in. It is vital for us to know how you felt about the course, and what can be done to improve it! We will have personal contact with you a month after the course to see how you have applied the new knowledge in your work, and to get even more feedback and ideas.

Customer satisfaction guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the course you participate in, after agreement, we offer you participation in a similar course without any further cost. The guarantee is limited to those who fall into the course target group and have a required previous knowledge as indicated in the course description.To ensure that you get the right course, we ask you to study the course description, target group and previous knowledge requirements carefully. Please contact us if you have questions about which course to choose. We will be happy to help you!

About Utö and Stockholm Archipelago

Utö is located about 90 minutes southeast of Stockholm. The surroundings offer a relaxing atmosphere and scenery. For those more active there are plenty of sporting opportunities. The ferry from the mainland takes about 40 minutes. Participants stay two by two in small cottages close to the class rooms and restaurant. More information will be sent to you upon registration.

More information

For more information, please contact us at or telephone +46(0)8 660 02 80.

Syntell offers both open and on sight courses. Syntell is certified at SAUF – The Swedish Association of Certified Training and Educational Companies.

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