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29 September, 09:00

SE Professional (ASEP/CSEP) – preparatory course


Preparatory Course


Sandhamnsgatan 63B, 2tr, Stockholm


29 September, 09:00

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10%, 28 August 2020

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23 September


12 900 SEK excluding VAT

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About the course

Welcome to our preparatory course designed for those who intend to become INCOSE (SEP Systems Engineering Professional) certified. Behind the certification program is INCOSE, the International Council on Systems Engineering, which is an international society for systems engineering.

If you currently do not have enough experience to become CSEP certified just yet, you are able certify yourself against the simpler level: ASEP (Associated Systems Engineering Professional) which comprises only of a theory test (the same sample as for CSEP).

During the course we will go through the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook, and you also get practical help in designing your CSEP application. The course includes a large number of practice questions similar to those you get on the test, which means that you are constantly trying your strengths and weaknesses in test-like conditions. You also get a range of practical tips on how to be prepared in the best way possible for the CSEP exam.

Syntell also offers all participants on the course the help they need, when they need it, by being available before the exam and be on hand to make sure preparations will be as good as possible.


In order to provide the participants with the best conditions to pass the certification, we have developed an educational program that combines both on-site training days, self-study and online meeting.

  • 29/9 – Full day, on site
  • 20/10 – Full day, on site
  • 19/11 – Full day, on site, final review and test test!
  • 10/12, 2019 – Examination!

Course content

  • INCOSE Handbook Overview
  • Review of the INCOSE Handbook
  • Support for writing a CSEP application
  • Review of the study habit – Practice Test
  • Create your personal training plan
  • Follow-up for the CSEP sample

Who should attend this course?

This course is for anyone preparing to take the test for the CSEP or ASEP certification. Your background is as system architects, developers, technical project manager or project manager. If you are aiming for a CSEP, you have more than five years experience in Systems Engineering.


Prerequisites required for course attendance is the same as to apply to become certified CSEP / ASEP. Read more about the requirements for applying for CSEP on our website. To pass the test, you probably need, depending on previous knowledge and experience, adding a lot of time on their own time studies for the CSEP exam.

Course objectives

The goal of this course is to support and prepare you for the CSEP application and sample. Becoming CSEP means that your experience and your skills assessed by an independent third party – in this case INCOSE.



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