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16 February 2016

Circular Industry – New industry task force formed to strengthen the future competitiveness of the Swedish industry

Are you familiar with concepts such as Circular Economy or Cradle to Cradle? This is basically to stop wasting valuable resources and dare to think about new business models and approaches. Everyone is talking about make-use-reuse / create-use-reuse, but few know how to do practically go through with it. Getting back what today often becomes waste and re-using it or making something new out of it is not easy in practice. In a circular economy, all materials have the ability, through proper design, to be either nutrient for microorganisms or for industrial processes. Therefor, waste is eliminated as a concept – previous waste can become useful for the industry.

Now, the working group “Circular Industry” has launched. The group process is led by Syntell under the umbrella of CradleNet and the aim is to get the Swedish industry to work more circular. The idea that a product should have as long a life as possible and get recirculated is not new, but it has never really taken root in the industry, although interest is now greater than ever.

“We will actively work to strengthen Swedish competitiveness while we do a good deed for environmental sustainability. The aim is to optimize the actual effect by converting technologies, vision / approaches, products and services while maximizing business profitability through new circular business models. Companies must realize that this is an opportunity, not a threat”, says Christer Fröling, senior consultant at Syntell AB, who will lead the working group process within the Cradlenet network


Circular Industry will invite industries to work out how companies with complex industrial products can adjust their product development, production and product support to become more circular.

Keep an eye on our website to get more information about news and events related to Circular Industry.

Christer Fröling, Senior Consultant at Syntell AB , 072- 232 24 63



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Circular Industry – New industry task force formed to strengthen the future competitiveness of the Swedish industry

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