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21 juni 2021

Syntell to present three papers at the INCOSE International Symposium 2021

INCOSE’s Annual International Symposium is the largest worldwide annual gathering of people who do Systems Engineering. It consists of for four days of presentations, case studies, workshops, tutorials and panel discussions. Attendees include practitioners in government and industry, as well as educators and researchers. Syntell will be presenting three papers at the INCOSE International Symposium 2021:

Wed 21, Jul 13:15–13:55 EDT – Using Models and simulation for concept analysis of Electric Roads
Abstract: Using electricity to directly power moving vehicles has been used for a long time as evidenced by trains, trams, and electrical busses. Providing electricity to move heavy transport trucks on roads does therefore not represent a huge innovation. Electric roads (ERs) that can provide engine power to heavy road haulage, since heavy haulage traffic on roads represent a significant part of carbon dioxide emissions is seen as significant by the Swedish government (Bateman et al, 2018SP04EN). Several Swedish government authorities as well as private companies are actively testing equipment both for trucks as well as roads. ERs, once they have been deployed, will also provide benefits as regards air quality and traffic noise. This paper describes a concept analysis project that uses models and simulation to analyze electric road scenarios where electric road enabled trucks of different types run along an electric road and are subjected to different road conditions, speed restrictions as well as queues over a defined amount of time. The ability to analyze both management and energy consumption of an electric road is of paramount importance in determining its ability to accomplish the desired carbon-dioxide emission reductions.

Authors: Lars-Olof Kihlström (Syntell AB), Matthew Hause (System Xi), Andreas Kihlström (BRP systems AB), Ida Karlsson (Syntell AB), Bilin Chen (Syntell AB).

Wed 21, Jul 10:45–11:25 EDT – An Elaboration of Service Views within the UAF
Abstract: Services in the Unified Architecture Framework (UAF) are not just software services nor are they an implementation. Services can include transport, surveillance, communications, providing healthcare and medical services, etc. The UAF implements DoDAF using the Systems Modeling Language (SysML) as well as the British MODAF and NATO NAF. The DoDAF Service views implement services by duplicating the systems views and labeling the systems elements as services. This causes some confusion with engineers who either implement solution-based service views or ignore them completely. Even when implemented, they can cause confusion in the model as it becomes difficult to tell if a model element describes a service or a system implementing a service. The UAF implementation of the MODAF services views provides a distinct set of views, concepts and traceability. The Service Oriented Views do not specify how the service is to be implemented, but the requirements for the services. The Resources (Systems) Views implement services in various phases and their deployment will modify the configurations of the system at the very highest level. This paper will show how services views trace from capabilities and how that can be used to define system resource requirements.

Authors: Lars-Olof Kihlström (Syntell AB), Matthew Hause (SSI).

Mon 19, Jul 10:00–10:40 EDT – Integrated Security Views in UAF
Abstract: Architectures, Systems, subsystems and the data that they contain are valuable assets. Systems engineers and architects must plan for system security from system concept inception to retirement to ensure that security is embedded into every part of every process, procedure, system and component as well as in the mindset of the people in the enterprise. While the various DoDAF views contain attributes of security, there are no views for defining system security goals, threats, risks, mitigating elements, etc. and demonstrating how these are integrated and implemented into the operational, system, standards and services views. The Unified Architecture Framework (UAF) has integrated a set of security views that provide engineers a means of defining security goals and requirements and demonstrating how these are implemented throughout the architecture.

Authors: Matthew Hause (Systems Solutions Inc (SSI), Lars-Olof Kihlström (Syntell AB).

The event will be arranged virtually between 17-22 July. We look forward to the event and to all the interesting presentations! If you are interested in receiving the papers above, contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as the papers has been presented at IS2021.

For more information, contact:

Heike Schneider
Business Area Manager

About Syntell
Established since 1994, and with headquarters in Stockholm, Syntell is now operating worldwide with our clients. We have further representations in Sweden, UK, Norway and Finland. We are a mid-sized consultancy firm with over 60 highly qualified and experienced staff, exceeding 12 MEUR in revenues while being AAA credit rated. This makes us a long-term and reliable supplier, partner and employer.


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